Christopher’s Chronicles (1996)

Christopher Lee and Elise Hurwitz. 1996. 10 min. U.S.A.

Before Christopher Lee and Elise Hurwitz made Trappings of Transhood, they created a video record of Christopher’s transition from female to male. Titled Christopher’s Chronicles, ut was among the very first films made by/about a transgender man of color.

Christopher’s Chronicles, which was was among the early recipients of a Frameline Completion Fund Grant , premiered at the  1997 Frameline Festival, and went on to screen at LGBT film festivals nationally.

ImageOut, the Rochester LGBT FIlm and Video Festival, described Christopher’s Chronicles as “a warm and engaging look at the fears and realities that must be faced and conquered in order for Christopher’s female-to-male sex reassignment to be a success. Christopher is a joyous example of the sense of liberation felt by those who know they must change their gender and are able to undertake the daunting yet liberating tasks necessary for their transformation to take place.”


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