Maintaining Christopher’s Legacy

“Every community has a memory of itself. Not a history, nor an archive, nor an authoritative record… A living memory, an awareness of a collective identity woven of a thousand stories.” ~ From the Center for Digital Story

GLBT Historical Society
Donate photos, films, articles, etc to the  Christopher Lee Memorial Archives.

StoryCorps San Francisco
Storycorps records on Thursdays 1:00- 7:00pm and Sundays 11:00 am – 6:00 pm at the Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco (see link above for directions). The sessions are an hour long and we record in pairs. Either schedule with a loved one or let us know if you want someone to interview you.  You will go home with a broadcast quality CD, a copy goes to the American Folklife Center in the Library of Congress and another will be in the StoryCorps Christopher Lee Memorial Archives which will be included on GLBT Historical Society Archives.

To Contribute to the Storycorps Christopher Lee Memorial Archives, please email Maya via with the names, emails, phone numbers and a brief description of your relationship/history with Christopher and your interest in preserving your memories and stories. You can also call Maya at 510-381-0876 with questions.

Dragon’s Blood Rising Blog
Submit stories, poems, spoken word, as well as video and audio tributes to the blog that we are starting on this site.  Our intention is to eventually publish them in an anthology. 

Support the work of Dragon’s Blood Rising
Donate to either of the following funds: