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Breaking News! Governor Brown Signs Respect After Death Act

Victory! Governor Brown Signs AB 1577 into law!

We send love, healing, release, peace and power to the spirit of Our brother friend Uncle Christopher Lee, whose death and misgendering of his death certificate was the catalyst for this bill.

We went to Transgender Law Center in Winter 2013 when we found that the coroners had misgendered Christopher as female on his death certificate. We want to thank Ilona TurnerMasen DavisSasha BuchertMark Daniel SnyderDanny Kirchoff, Matt Wood, Jim Woods and many others at Transgender Law Center for you being fierce allies and advocates…thank you to Jo Michael at EQCA and Gibran Maciel with Assemblymember Toni Atkins office – to whom of course we are grateful for championing the bill.

Dragon’s Blood Rising!

Maya Scott-Chung

Co-Sponsors: CL Screening & Celebration, December 21, 2013

The screening is a highly collaborative event.  In addition to and the Christopher Lee Memorial Community, the organizations listed below are event co-sponsors, and will have materials at the event.  Clicking on the logo will take you to the organization’s website, which will appear in a new window.

This is a community building space, so if you have flyers, brochures, or other materials related to supporting the health, resilience, art and culture of transgender people and their families, please bring it with you.  We’ll have plenty of table space to share resources.

Hosting Organizations

Dragon’s Blood Rising
An evolving space for reflection on the legacy of Christopher Lee providing support resources for transgender people and their extended families

The New Parkway Theater
The New Parkway Theater
An eclectic movie-going experience where people watch movies with friends and community

Event Co-Sponsors (in alphabetical order)

Asian Pacific Islander Queer Women Transgender Coalition
Asian Pacific Islander Queer Women and Transgender Community
A fun, welcoming, multi-generational group of Asian & Pacific islander queer women and transgender people in the Bay Area, who are building community together

Fresh Meat Productions
Fresh Meat Productions
The home of Sean Dorsey, Fresh Meat Productions creates, presents and tours transgender and queer performance, dance and media arts

Gender Reel Film Festival
Gender Reel Festival
The only national film and performance art festival dedicated to enhancing the visibility of gender non-conforming individuals

Lolo Cooperative Health Center
Lolo Cooperative Health
Clinic run by a community of doctors and therapists who provide holistic, integrative, and patient-centered care

Saint Harridan
Saint Harridan

Providing a line of suits featuring a sleek masculine cut, re-engineered for women and transmen

San Francisco Transgender Film Festival
San Francisco Transgender Film Festival
Promotes the visibility of transgender and gender variant people and challenges the mainstream media’s negative stereotypes of our communities. Run by Artistic Director, Shawna Virago, the festival was founded in 1997 by Christopher Lee, Al Austin and Elise Hurwitz. Originally named Tranny Fest, SFTFF was North America’s first transgender film festival.

The Transgender Law Center
Transgender Law Center
Working to change law, policy, and attitudes so that all people can live safely, authentically, and free from discrimination regardless of their gender identity or expression.

Transgress Press
Transgress Press
Using entrepreneurial capitalism to support progressive thought and projects change conventional publishing practices and in empower communities and organizations

What Makes A Baby?
What Makes a Baby?
Written by Cory Silverberg and illustrated by Fiona Smyth, this modern picture book about where babies come fits for every kind of family and every kind of kid


Love Song to Christopher

Poem by Chino Mei Beck Chung
with lyrics from “If I Die Young,” by the Band Perry

If I die young,
Bury me in satin,
Cover me in a, bed of roses,
Sink me in the river, at dawn,
Send me away with the words of a love song.

Christopher, my brother my son,
I have known you a long, long time,
When you first arrived in SF,
L O V E / H A T E tattooed on your fingers,
You made everyone call you “he.”
There was no TG community then,
Nobody knew how to understand it,
You wouldn’t let up, we called you “he.”

Then you transitioned slowly, over time,
I watched you change,
You showed me everything,
Even if I didn’t want to see it.

Then you created Tranny Fest,
I went to every film festival,
You were magnificent,
Your dark vampire eyes, fur collar,
I wanted to be you.

Then we both moved to the East Bay,
Me and my family in a big house,
You were the one person that was happy for us.
And you moved to your boat,
We would sit in the warm sun on the deck of The Defiant One,
You would make hot dogs piled high with chili and yellow cheese,
And we would listen to the water
slapping the sides, and the seagulls.

You would come to my house for
Christmas, the holidays,
This last Thanksgiving you sat in the middle of the room,
Singing Christmas songs alone,
A hollow smile.
Everybody milling around you,
Then you fell asleep on the couch.
I wish I could have reached and had you stay the night.
I feel every missed moment with you.

I remember every good time with you.
Our nights at the Oaks Club,
You loved the Fred Flintstone turkey legs,
The hand-carved corned beef,
You would pay when I was down
I would pay when you were down.

We drove to the casino one night,
I called you, “Hey you down for Thunder Valley?”
An hour later we were on our way.
I played Texas Hold Em’ and you hung out,
Not much of a gambler.
Back at the hotel you insisted on going to the pool,
The size of a Jacuzzi, I was not going,
We ended up in there talking story
Until it was dark,
My teeth chattering.

I remember your laugh,
You smiled so easily,
I watched the lines grow around your eyes
with every smile.
The way you looked right into mine,
Your face awash with light.
You were so charming,
A gentleman to the very end.

You chose the room filled with pain.
You closed the door.

The sharp knife of a short life, well
I’ve had just enough time

So put on your best, boys, and I’ll wear my pearls
What I never did is done
A penny for my thoughts, oh, no, I’ll sell ’em for a dollar
They’re worth so much more after I’m a goner
And maybe then you’ll hear the words I been singin’
Funny when you’re dead how people start listenin’

An Invitation to Contribute

Christopher touched many people from many different communities.  We are hoping that if you were one of these individuals, you will be willing to contribute to this blog.  Please share your poems, writings, photos, spoken word and other remembrances.  In addition to text and images, this site will support audio and video files.  We hope that this blog will be a living memory of Christopher where we can collectively share our thoughts and memories. Eventually, we are hoping to eventually publish them in an anthology.