Breaking news! The Respect After Death Act Passes the State Assembly Health Committee

The Respect After Death Act (AB 1577), authored by Assembly Speaker-elect Toni Atkins and sponsored by Transgender Law Center and Equality California, passed the Assembly Health Committee today by a bipartisan provisional vote of 17-1. The bill is designed to help ensure transgender people have their authentic gender identity reflected on their death certificates.

Click here to read Chino Chung’s testimony to the Assembly in honor of Christopher, as well as for links to learn more about the bill.

An Invitation to the Community

To all who were touched or inspired by Christopher,

Over his life, Christopher, with his tremendous charisma, passion, artistic vision, and compassion touched many people from many different communities. On December 22, 2012, after a protracted battle with illness and depression, he took his life. His death filled many with shock, grief,and regret. Yet, in the aftermath of his tragic passing, a magical unfolding has taken place, one of sadness, yes, but also of love and renewed communal commitment to his wide, compassionate and generous vision.

We view this website as a growing and evolving space for reflections on the life and legacies of Christopher Lee. We invite you to share your stories about Christopher and how he has touched you. As the site grows, you will also discover film updates, action opportunities, an events calendar, resiliency resources, and more.

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With love, the Dragon’s Blood Rising staff, Maya and Shivaun